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There are lots of electricians out there, but you have very compelling reasons to choose us: we have an outstanding reputation in Metro Phoenix, AZ and surrounding area, since 1976. You don’t stay in business for that long without investing personally in a job well done and investing personally in the level of care that we deliver to each and every customer. As our company has grown over the years, things have changed- but not our promise to you for outstanding service- always.

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Has something stopped working? Do you have a light that keeps blinking? Do some of your outlets have octopus-like tentacles because of multiple cords? Do any of your outlets or other electrician systems feel warm to the touch? Are you blowing fuses frequently? Any of these could indicate an older or faulty electrician system which may not be adequately or properly wired to support your current needs. We can help get you out of the dark! Call us today.


What the heck’s a GFCI? A GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This is an important part of your home for safety reasons, particularly in areas where there is an increased chance that water and electricity might cross paths, like in the kitchen around sinks or in the bathroom. Basically, these plugs function to protect you and your family from electric shock. If you have an older home you may not be fully outfitted with GFCI outlets. You may want to consider retrofitting and upgrading these, especially if your wiring is 20+ years old.

Remodel Wiring and Setup

If you are remodeling, it is a very responsible (both financially and otherwise) decision to call in the electrician experts to help you make sure that wiring is done according to code. It’s also about configuring the wiring so that it makes the most sense for your space and appliance needs.

Whatever your electrician needs may be, Plumber Glendale Plumbing and Air Conditioning has the best technicians, best workmanship and best combination of warranty and personal guarantee in Metro Phoenix, AZ and surrounding area. We’d love the chance to help you today, and build a business relationship for years to come. Call us at (623) 499-9794.